because sometimes dorothy is reborn

Friday, December 23, 2005

And So I'm Back...

From outer space a beam shone brightly from planet Cabot. Its twisting, sparkling pink light burnt so brightly that civilisations across the galaxy would see it years afterwards. The pure, clean energy cut through meteors, comets and debris, its ferocious power ceasing for nothing or no one...

Elsewhere, in Heaven Above, a Zbornak lay softly by his chamber door. Covered in stardust and love from the night before, his half-naked passed-out body glistened in a way the other angels feared, yet admired. His eyes opened slowly and without focus, gradually his lips formed a smile as his tongue wiped around their moist skin. A deep, leisurely sigh came from deep within him. He noticed a bright pink beam piercing through the floor. He shuddered tensely. Suddenly his body jerked upwards. The beam cut through his whole, covering him with warmth and light and joy and pain and love and laughter, tears of sadness and happiness...

He fell through the clouds, down further into the blackness of the universe faster and faster and faster still. Twisting though space, time and all that exists in-between he felt at peace. Slowing down, he saw a sight he knew - a sight most familiar. It was Earth, and right by Earth was God.

"Jessica? Ms Fletcher? What have you done to me? Why am I here? Earth?" The Zbornak was confused. As far as he knew human life was gone to him. His Angel being was who he was now. He'd heard of some of his kind being taken back to earth, but they were usually teens in leather jackets, not twenty-something culturally literate fuckstuds.

God gazed over the former angel, "Zbornak. You are... needed. You must go back to blogging living your life on this planet. You must... be a blogger human again."

"Human again?"

"Human again"

"Human again!"

And that, my friends, is how I returned to blogging.